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Soylent in glassWhen I was young I was incredibly picky. I still am weird about a few things. Maybe because of the anxieties attached with eating as a youth, I think a lot about food now. I think about declining trace nutrients in vegetables. I think about complicated interplay about class and food. I think about the fragility of the supply chain. I think about the environmental cost of meat or big agriculture in general.

For breakfast since June, I have been drinking Soylent, primarily the caffeinated varieties with a couple of Stoks added. I am a two case a month guy. I like it. I feel it is generally decent nutrition, is filling, and is easy. With subscriber discounts it isn’t crazy expensive.

There is a sci-fi trope of highly processed nutrition of the future. Initial food from billed as from the space race such as freeze dried ice cream did nothing to slow that trope down.

Soylent is getting more popular, pushing into chains and replacing food altogether for those on the bleeding edge.

I know I am already on the wagon, and fully adjusted to this food model. With a Soylent for breakfast and a protein bar at lunch, I can go nuts at dinner and still maintain a good calorie count. Is this the beginning of the science fiction future of food? From here on out, do I eat more nutrient dense, nutritionally balanced, grab and go food? Do more people? The maker of KetoChow posted in a Reddit thread on r/soylent that he just bought 38,404 kg of protein. This is a manufacturer of an even more niche meal replacement than Soylent.

People will not eat less of this sort of thing. What does it mean if we all start eating more of this primarily vegetarian cuisine? Will real food become the luxury of the rich?

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