Blockchain Identity

I saw a retweet of a Techcrunch article from a couple of months ago about using blockchain for identity. This article references Jerry Cuomo, the exec in charge of blockchain research for IBM, and quite a bit and his writings regarding blockchain give a good insight to the way the corporate giant is looking at blockchain. With bitcoin’s continuing climb, or is it a bubble, I need to beat the drum again: blockchain is too important to relegate to something as pedestrian as money. It is the future of group and individual identity.

Crypto-currency and the Smartphone Vote

Over on Medium there is an interesting article about a neophyte crypto-currency trader. It gave a quick overview of a new user stepping into the world of the unregulated maelstrom that is the crypto exchanges.

The thing that intrigued me about the article was the project Horizon State that is developing a crypto token that will be used to secure internet/mobile elections. As I have said, blockchain is too important to be relegated to something as boring as money.

For those who are still fuzzy about blockchain, the article also linked to Wired’s video explaining blockchain, which does it really well for the uninitiated.

Edit 11/20: Techcrunch has a list of 100 crypto and digital currencies, all described in 4 words. An interesting peek into the world.