Climate Change vs Haute Cuisine

Gimlet Media has been consistently producing high quality podcasts since their first days with the StartUp Podcast about the founding of the company. Some of my favorite podcasts *coughReplyAllcough* are Gimlet shows. One of their divisions is Gimlet Creative, which lets brands commission high quality narrative content as embedded advertising. I have listened to a few of these and really, several are of really interesting and well done, despite being a glorified commercial.

One of the latest isĀ Why We Eat What We Eat, which explores the cultural reasons we eat what and the way we do (sponsored by Blue Apron, though I am not). The most recent episode explores the climate change diet, and the way our eating habits may evolve as the biosphere does in relation to climate change. In the episode, people commit to eating the obscure and interesting proteins that could become staples of a world that is a handful of degrees warmer than today and chefs work with making some of these things more elevated.

Reply All Podcast Takes a Look at Facebook Advertising Algorithms

Magnifying Glass

The continuously excellent Reply All podcast starts with the question of if Facebook uses your phone mic as a source of advertising information and digs through the way Facebook advertising aggregates and processes data. They at least scratch the surface enough to know it will be hard to gauge how deep it goes.

If you aren’t listening, there are too many good episodes to list here. Just start with the recent two-parter, a gonzo investigation Indian computer tech support scams. Part One. Part Two.